Anxiety is a collection of physical symptoms: sweating, shallow breathing, a hyper mind, a tight throat, being kinda spaced out or buzzy, ringing in ears among others.

Thinking about things that “make” you anxious to try and feel less anxious is ineffective, in my experience.  In fact, we should never try to think about anything when we are anxious except for one thing:

harmonize all mental energy with the inbreath, and then the outbreath.


Watch the breath.  Only do that.  Watch the breath.  Just that. Just now. The inbreath and the outbreath.

No thinking.  Harmonize with the breath.

Do this until your body feels calm.


are there any remaining problems?

Perhaps there are.

You are in a much better place to understand the problems in this comfortable calm physical space. From this calm you will be much wiser, much more intuitive.  You will make better decisions.

There are many things that we can do be in our bodies,in the present.  Conscious exercising, conscious  housecleaning, conscious walking, conscious breathing.

Do these things whenever you notice that you feel those uncomfortable, unhelpful, habitual sensations and symptoms that make up anxiety.