Il y a toujours un petit moment mélancolique à six heures,

tu n’trouves pas?


Un petit moment mélancolique.

A little melancholy moment.

The point of change.

Right at that moment when day becomes night,

When another day draws its curtains,

When all wishes and intentions

Are no longer in the realm of possibility.


What’s done in a day is just that.  Done.

It’s over. Gone. Finished. C’est fini.

Même si tu n’as rien fait de la journée,

C’est le temps d’arreter.

Veux-tu prendre un verre?


After that little moment of letting go and lost hopes

We settle into the sensual pleasures that darkness brings.

Six o’clock is that little moment when

Disappointment becomes relief.

À demain.