I wrote the following because a new lover asked me (her) what I like and I (she) had no idea how to answer.

What is your favorite color? he asked.

She doesn’t know.

She really doesn’t know.

Not because she likes so many colors

that she cannot possibly choose one

but rather because she cannot

feel anything at all.

A girl who does not know what she likes

is bound to get swept away by the

ideas and wants of others.  No?

She is floating.

She is drowning.

She is being swallowed.

She belongs to anyone

who happens to want her.

Sometimes wanting you seemed like a long

Exercise designed to make me feel things.

To make me feel myself.

Enormous Hunger.

You kept me from eating you up

Thank God!

To have that hunger frustrated

Offered m a chance

to feel

my tremendous yearning.


My own longing and need.

Mouth, groin, stomach, nose, lungs.

Every place that can take in

ached to be filled by you.


To feel my own wanting

To tolerate

And revel in

a state of yearning.

Creative Acts.

To rewrite my life

so that my desires can

drive me more.

So now ask me.

Please. Just to see.

Ask me what I like

Ask me what I want

Ask me what I need

Go on.

Ask me.