Girls are receptive because of hormones and because of how our bodies are built.  In sex we receive, in gestation we are inhabited–it’s all taking in, receiving and oh so interior.  Boys have a visible penis and they shoot their sperm outside of themselves.  They don’t have to feel it inside themselves, they want to see it.  They do it.  That is what they relate to.  Girls cry because of hormones and their interior experiences and their empathy.  Boys don’t cry for the same reason–they only cry when something is broken and they can see it and it affects them–not when someone is feeling something and describing it to them because it is not yet real to them.

Me walking away from him–that is what is real.

Me gone.  That is real.  Me in pain is not.  My suffering is not worth crying over.  My absence actually hurts him and he might cry then.

As Byron Katie would say, “Is this true?”  “Do you absolutely know this to be true?”

As I say to my adolescent son,”you are responsible for everything that comes out of your body and its consequences.”

Maybe girls cry more than boys because we generally do not come as much and because we have more to release than they do.  It sure feels fucking good to cry.