It was like the moment when your face breaks through the surface of the lake and you can breathe.  You are refreshed, the the sun feels warm on your cheeks, and your body is caressed in that enveloping way that only immersion can accomplish.  You wipe and open your eyes and you see him on the dock.  You emerge from the water and see your lover, your man, who loves you, who is there, who admires you, who will challenge you, get in close, get involved, listen and respond.

Ok, so it was like that except that imagine that you had been under the water too long, a really long time, and you just had a tiny straw through which to get a breath of oxygen to survive every few minutes. It was like you had been trapped under water for a long time, and you could barely breathe, and you could not enjoy the sun, or the air, or the face of the beautiful man who loves you because you were so concerned with the straw in your mouth.

And then, finally, you could.

You broke through the surface of the water, and he was there–following your every move, looking at you, coming in close, kissing you and burrowing into you.  And it felt so good because you had been languishing under the water with your straw, and now you could breathe and you could enjoy the sun and the air, the the feeling of the water and the musicality of this man who wants to play and rock with you.

It was like that.