21 June 2015 at 09:17
Britt says:
Allie is an incredible performer. The entire packed house loved her. She is so honest. People were just sitting there rapt, nodding away. One of my favorite shows at Fringe.

19 June 2015 at 20:58
Elyse says:
Allie is pure rapture. She is brave and brilliant, warm and voluptuous, honest and hilarious. She bares all as she takes you on a ride in the “underbelly” of her life’s journey, the culmination of which is right before you in the form of a highly evolved being!! I felt a deep, true and beautiful connection. I was blown away, mesmerized!!!! You must go see Allie Weigh’s Inn!!!

18 June 2015 at 11:17
Yu says:
Beautifully written and powerfully performed. I enjoyed every episode of Allie’s life journey. A one person show within breathing distance with the audience in an intimate space can be challenging, but Allie blown me away.

18 June 2015 at 08:31
Marina Richards says:
Allie is wonderful storyteller. I hung on her every word. She shares her experience with such honesty, brilliance and gentle humour. Beautiful.

17 June 2015 at 09:36
Alice says:
Go see it.

16 June 2015 at 16:26
Larry Pinell says:
Brilliant one-woman show that combines storytelling and music. I went through a huge range of strong emotions and was totally absorbed throughout. A must for any fringe visitor!

12 June 2015 at 10:32
Linda T. says:
Highly recommend this show– a woman’s life acted out within the context and consciousness of her (and our) times, past and present. Told with bold honesty, humour and self-reflection. SO well put together creatively: words, scenes and music mesh to carry us along… a real tour de force!

11 June 2015 at 16:20
Jenn says:
This show is not to be missed!!! Allie Weigh’s honesty and sensitivity takes us on travel through time in the development of one woman. She takes us on a journey from the age of three through four decades of discovery, pain and joy while providing truths and pearls throughout. Make sure to get your tickets in advance!!! You don not want to miss out.

11 June 2015 at 12:57
Michelle Lalonde says:
Allie’s performance is so polished and smooth, yet her material is so raw and fresh and honest, it’s like a garden-fresh salad prepared by a fine chef. Give this show an hour of your time, and you will talk and think about it for days. Allie observes her former selves with a critical eye, with humour and insight, but no derision. She gives just enough sensual detail to draw us in and entertain but her themes are universal — sexual curiosity, ambition, jealousy, loneliness, self acceptance. The mix is both fun and moving. The music is a bonus. Great show.

11 June 2015 at 12:53
cat kidd says:
Allie Weigh’s talent for storytelling, beautiful voice, and musical excellence share the stage with violin and time travel in an intimate and gorgeous first solo show by this Montreal writer/musician/performer. Her facial expressions speak volumes as do her precise yet sumptuous words. Laugh, groove, look back satisfied on life and love.

10 June 2015 at 00:27
Carole LeDez says:
Wonderful, intimate and powerful performance. We revisit our own experiences of growing up right along with her. Not to be missed. Weigh to go Allie!

9 June 2015 at 08:17
Bob Custom says:
This is unlike anything I’ve ever seen at the Fringe. It’s now three days later and I feel I have to write about it. Through music, humour and fine acting, Allie Weigh awakened a part of me that it seems, needed some waking up. Thought provoking, provocative and entertaining.

7 June 2015 at 17:25
Mel Kanada says:
Allie Weigh is not only an expert storyteller but also an accomplished musician. Spoken word ‘vignettes’ interspersed with original compositions portray the transitions from child to preteen to teen to full blown adult. Her performance captivates, moves and entertains. Her stories, though highly personal, touch on themes that people of all ages and genders can relate to. This is her Fringe debut and it is outstanding.

7 June 2015 at 16:46
Sigrid says:
Beautiful touching performance- elle se donne complêtement- a piece about life- raw beautiful and hard

7 June 2015 at 15:50
Dan says:
Fun, laughs and introspection… taking you from Allie’s Inn to memories of personal experiences and back to Allie’s world … a great ride

7 June 2015 at 12:10
Dave says:
Aliie Weighs In is a captivating autobiography, told in words and music, recounting a lifetime of wisdom on parenting, activism, love and partnership. It stands apart from many fringe shows by virtue of its polish, and the depth and insight of its material. Highly recommended.

6 June 2015 at 22:09
Andi d says:
Allie Weigh’s Inn – is a must see – this show has what it takes to be on every fringe stage across the country.

5 June 2015 at 10:31
Liz says:
Candid, creative and well worth it! Highlight of the Fringe for me.

5 June 2015 at 09:39
Deborah says:
Beautifully written, wonderful performance. Perfect blend of poignant. And the music….

4 June 2015 at 15:00
Lisa Marie says:
Watching Allie is an inspiration. Her beautiful voice, insightful stories and wry humour make you want to find a home in Allie Weighs Inn. The original music she composed for the show add layers of beauty. Way to go Allie Weigh!

4 June 2015 at 08:13
Shelley says:
A thoroughly engaging piece with gorgeous music about beginnings, endings, and love in many forms. Allie is a hip, witty performer who isn’t afraid to tell the truth.

4 June 2015 at 06:10
Diane says:
With searing honesty and reflective humor Allie takes us on a journey. We embark, with her, on the quest for our quintessential selves. Allie’s return through her ages of becoming … again and again and again … where the reaching for, grappling with and letting go of finds her lingering in groundless places, we remember who we were and becoming. In those liminal spaces where secret conversations tell their tale, we are reminded of our shared humanity, our striving to define and embody the ephemeral. We are invited to appreciate our longings with a light and loving touch.

3 June 2015 at 11:38
David Sinclair says:
Allie weighed in with a remarkable show: a humorous witty, intelligent and insightful journey from childhood to contented maturity in spoken word and music. Can she really play the violin while doing the hula hoop?

2 June 2015 at 21:57
Jon says:
It’s excellent food for the soul : tasteful and tender slices of life with a generous side of beautiful music and a pinch of good advice. A must eat!