Here are a few quotes from audience members:

Carlyn Rhamey (solo artist from SAOR) :

This show is absolutely beautiful! I saw it days ago and I am still reflecting on it. It’s quite funny and lighted hearted as well! Allie with transfix you with her storytelling. Her tales are beautiful, raw and honest…Funny, heart wrenching and I related so much to her words. Poetic and musical she will take you on an incredible journey. I also want to state how this show truly is for everyone! Mothers will relate of course, but young women like myself who fear missing out on one side or another in life, and anyone who has a mother! This show will open your eyes and you may even, for a moment, see your own mother as a person, all her own.” Carlyn Rhamey, of the touring fringe show SAOR

“Allie Weigh’s talent for storytelling, beautiful voice, and musical excellence share the stage with violin and time travel in an intimate and gorgeous solo show…Laugh, groove, look back satisfied.”
Cat Kidd writer/performer


“A compelling piece of theatre” apt613 critics

“A beautiful show and she was beautiful in it” jem rolls, of the current show get lost

“The soundscape on its own is a work of art” Lana Schwarcz, of Lovely Lady Lump

“That TOTALLY exceeded my expectations at every level” Steve, major fringe theatre goer.

“I highly recommend it for giggles, tears and truth” Alexis Boyle, visual artist

“Beautiful writing, music and delivery! A really uplifting show” 🙂 Miriam Ginestier, artistic director of Studio 303

“Allie’s musical talent, artful poetry and outright hilarity blended into a magical experience! I highly recommend!” Peter Carpenter, McGill swim coach

“She bares all with great sensitivity, insight and intelligence, and that is so fresh and very satisfying. Her music enchants and entrances. Her words soothe, grip and rock.” ELyse Murphy, Concordia Fine Art Department

Cheryl Watson:

As a mother of 2 small children…. I found Allie’s performance honest, relatable, and more importantly inspiring. I left craving more ( a sequel perhaps??? ) … I strongly recommend this show to all … husbands, daughters, mothers, sons etc… Maybe leave the small children at home 😉 . Thanks Allie for a truly amazing show!

Mel Kanada:

In the 1970’s, when I was 12 and my brothers were 8 and 14, my mother attempted to reenter the workforce. She was told she needed more qualifications. She decided to go back to university in her chosen field (music.) She completed a bachelor degree, then a master’s. She ended up teaching a few university classes and applied for a PhD. My father’s adjustment to having his wife transform from housewife to university student and then to university lecturer was not easy. But they managed. Some of her colleagues, however, were downright confused by this ambitious ‘housewife.’ One day a male professor remarked to her (I imagine he thought he was experiencing some sort of epiphany) “Oh, I get it, You want it all.”
“What do you mean?” asked my mother.
“Well, you want it all. You want a husband, kids AND a career,” he responded. It was my mother’s turn to have an epiphany of her own.
“Don’t YOU have it all, a wife and kids and a career?” she retorted.
“Yes, I do but…” replied the professor.
“But what?”
OK ok that was a long long time ago. That sort of sexism doesn’t exist anymore surely? Women have it made today. We can have careers and kids and partners and be fully fulfilled in all aspects of our lives-financially, emotionally, professionally, sexually. Or can we?

If these questions strike a chord with you, then Allie Weigh is the performer you need to see, hear and experience. She may not have all the answers but she will get you thinking and talking about many issues that women and mothers (and men and fathers too) deal with on a daily basis but rarely get the chance to explore on a deeper level. Allie is an accomplished musician, writer and performer who will gently and sometimes not so gently compel you to question society’s expectations of mothers and their desires, hopes and dreams.

Georgia Copland:

As Allie Weigh’s real-life mother I was immensely proud to be at the first public performance of her new show — one that focuses on that “gritty truth”. She was wonderful — so honest, yet so poised. I sat beside her brother and his wife, plus two of their sets of friends who also have young children, and felt that it was superb to have young parents feeding on Allie’s experience, knowledge and honesty. My husband and I talked about the implications, and about our own lives and why we became who we have become, all the way home to the Laurentians that night, and I have learned that the young couples, as well, were sparked to great questions and soul-searching. This is definitely a “must see”. And, of course, Allie (not just her material) is SUPERB. Enjoy.



Luc Murphy:

I’m a man who doesn’t have kids, so for me, this show was a real surprise. I learned A LOT about something I now realize I knew little about. Multi talented Allie Weigh brings it with humour, classical and funk chops. She charmed me and gave me a whole new understanding of women and their world. I loved it!

Dear Potential Audience Member,

Divided Heart is an stylistically eclectic performance from my soul to yours. From birthing experiences, to an empty nest and beyond, it is framed and accompanied by originally composed and produced beats and violin and live improv violin. At its core, it is an attempt to tell the truth about the contradictions, conflicts and difficulties inherent in mothering when one has any other wishes, needs or expectations from life. Gritty topics include: anger, resentment, many things sexual, and a divided longing heart.  And I hope you laugh.  I sure do.

love,  Allie