Divided Heart by Allie Weigh
Sex educator and therapist, musician and mother, Allie Weigh will forever have a Divided Heart—navigating intense maternal feelings while trying fiercely to protect her own creative nature, and find a place separate from eternal mother guilt.
Life is Relentless—a never-ending hamster wheel of needs to be met, work to be done, and moments that cannot always be savoured—made all the more formidable by the realization she is a Mother for a Reason.
In a long tradition (Woolf wrote “A Room of One’s Own” in 1929) Weigh measures her own needs—sexual (Magic Wand) and creative—against the needs of others (To (not) be selfish) as her offspring grow into teens and then young adults. Rejoicing in a new found freedom and sexuality (A fish for myself), her journey as a woman in the 21st century continues.
Words, beats and music combine in a gentle tale that is frank and affirming, with a simmering passion hovering quietly below the surface. Weigh is an accomplished musician and capable guide. Despite being told from a decidedly women’s point of view, anyone can find comfort and truth in her realizations and honest questions about our gendered roles in today’s society.
Divided Heart by Allie Weigh. Montréal, QC
Location: VCM Wood Hall (Fringe Venue 4)
Tickets: Advance price: Regular $11/ St & Sr $9 + s/c* Door price: Regular $11/ St & Sr $9
Duration: 55 mins
Rating: Adults Only: Coarse Language/ Adult Themes
Genre: Stories, Original Music