I have come here today to accept my bipolarity. Not a disgnosable brand, but a cyclical, pattern-y brand.  I am tired of trying to become balanced. I don’t work that way. How many years of therapy and yoga does it take to finally accept this? 20. Fuck.  That was hard. OK. So now what?

Accept reality. When up, there are great dreams and plans and some of them come true. Accept that they do not all come true and this does not mean failure. Appreciate that you can infuse others with lifeforce and energy when up. Be aware that you might be annoying when up.

Up is edgy and risky and exhilirating.

When down,  body and mind relate to those who feel down most of the time. This is good. Body and mind tune in to the grounded forces of the universe.  This is also good. It is a break from being hyper.   “That was tiring.” It is a time to catch up on sleep. Going back to sleep after the kids are off to school is divine. Napping in the afternoon is luscious.  Crying a lot is cleansing and makes you drink more water which you are supposed to anyway.

So down is, well, not so bad. Not bad at all.