Bitterness evolves out of resentment.

It is rotten limes.

Sour, shrivelled, dry, small

tight, stuck, mean, closed, scrunched.

It looks out from its horrible hiding place

a cave

that feeds on loss,


and deprivation—

like mould on certain foods;

mould on a rotten, hard, dried-out lime

that slowly turns to dust.

Bitterness is definitely not

Abundant, expansive, big, generous,

Loving, expressive and giving.

It is shrivelled fruit.

How do you move from bitterness to generosity?

By deciding that the world is yours

for the tasting, smelling

feeling and exploring.

By deciding that and by moving forward

into the juicy world.

There is a place for you.

There is a place for you.

You belong here.

You belong.

You are.


Hey you!

come out of your cave.




Why don’t you just get everything wet?