We are all just blips in the world, in the universe, in Time.

We get ourselves tied in knots thinking that we have to be more than a blip.  When we hear about what others are doing we doubt ourselves, we think we are not doing enough, we have the neuroses that says that it is our job and our job alone to fix everything that is wrong in the world.  Not only is it not our job alone, but absolutely impossible and a delusion of grandeur to even think that we could do it. This thinking and practice also creates people who are perpetually out of breath, anxious, guilty, resentful and judgemental that others are not helping them. So why are so many people trying to change the whole world and feeling badly that they cannot?  In part it is a symptom of the myth of the all powerful individual.  What a wake-up call for all of the lefty activists of the world to be compared to the worst kind of individualists in what they take to be a responsible way to live.  I would posit that they are not only irresponsible towards themselves and their own right to a life which is not on hyperdrive, but to others that they judge and scathingly write off and criticize, and they are also being irresponsible to reality.

Reality is that we can all be only blips of light, little flickers of energy doing our little piece of work and being in the world.  And the world is beautiful because of the collection (the collectivity) all of the blips of light that come from each and every person–potentially.

But so many discount their own blip because it is so small or they perceive another person’s blip to be louder or more important than theirs.  How about enjoying the music created by all of the blips blipping away.  How about celebrating ourselves and celebrating others and participating in making a shiny flickering world all together?  Sure, some stars are bigger than others, but I prefer a sky full of millions of visible stars than one in which only three or four stronger lights are visible.  The sky full of stars is spectacular.  Each star matters, yes, but it would be ok if some went out sometimes:  for a nap, or a holiday, or because of death.  We forget and do not believe that others will come and grow in their place.

My call out to the activists and organizers of the world is to be good to yourselves, each other, and others that you do not recognize as one of you.  Take naps. Take breaks. Celebrate. Dance. eat well and together. Notice the blips around you that you may not have noticed or recognized before.  Be a light.  Light others up too.  Be quiet so others can find their voice.  Notice that you are not alone.  Recognize how small you actually are.  Relax.

Blobs are another story.  The blobs are people who are not shining and not being their full selves, who, for many reasons, plug themselves into things that take away their life force and make them more dim. Their light has gone out.  They need a light. They actually need a boost.  The most effective boost is meeting luminous blips.  So be luminous blips.  It will make the world more scintillating.

We can be sad about the blobs of the world.  But please, not too long.  We gotta keep being blips. All we can do for them is to make eye contact and be our shining selves and hope that it sparks something up in them so they can be blips too.