I composed a choral piece in honour of

Alice Walker’s poem When You See Water.

When you see water in a stream
you say: oh, this is stream
When you see water in the river
you say: oh, this is water
of the river;
When you see ocean
you say: This is the ocean’s
But actually water is always
only itself
and does not belong
to any of these containers
though it creates them.
And so it is with you.

Alice Walker


Please write to me if you would like a PDF of the score.

Here is a version with 9 singers and a violinist from the Conseil des Arts de Montréal, recorded on October 17, 2018.

(Allie Weigh, Krissi Campbell, Avery Gietz, Finn Upham, Chloé Génie, Gwenn Fritau, Catherine Harrison-Boisvert, Melanie Kerridge, Sara Breitkreutz on descant, and Kali Halapau on violin)