I learned a new skill.  Transcription and arrangement! It took a very long time, but I am very excited that Maha Community will have a chance to learn and perform this fantastic song emerging from Île de la Réunion.  The band is a fabulous too—made up of two women and three men who do delicious harmonies and super percussive music.  Here is their music video of Pokor Lèr, which means It’s not Time Yet.

Here is a photo of the band.


Please contact me at allieweigh@gmail.com if you would like the PDF of my transcription/arrangement of the song.  Here is the Montreal choir Choeur Maha singing the choral arrangement of the song.


And here is the translation into English of the Réunion Créole text:

It’s not time yet. Come! Enter the dance. That sustenance which feeds the heart. On beaten paths we shall forge on.
No ill winds can sway or topple us. Though diluvian rains might freeze your skin, pay mind that your history can’t weaken you. The Kabar* elucidates your doubts, will expose your heart to freedom. Let the trade winds carry you.
Free your mind, mend the wounds of your body. There is hope still on paths we have cleared ourselves.
Let’s create! Let’s indulge!                                                                                                         *musical gathering where Maloya is played (traditional music of Reunion Island)